In June, we took a survey to learn which pocket knives our readers believe should never be discontinued. Respondents were asked to name as many or as few pocket knife models as they wanted, and no brands or blades were off-limits. 404 respondents named a total of 268 models and the average respondent named 4.1 pocket knives.

Only one automatic knife made the Top 25 list. And it came as no surprise that it was theMicrotech Ultratech. 14 out of 404 respondents said the Microtech Ultratech should never be discontinued.

The Ultratech is Microtech’s best-seller, the most popular knife from a company that makes a lot of very popular knives. Microtech struck gold when it released the first Ultratechs in 1999. Smaller than the HALO, yet still big enough for both utility and self-defense; the Ultratech’s slim profile, standard-setting dual-action, and ready-for-anything ruggedness offer the perfect combination of tactical and practical.

A dual-action automatic is an knife that both deploys and retracts automatically. They are tricky to build well, and even more of a challenge to build at a price that most would-be users can afford. With the Ultratech, not only did Microtech establish the benchmark for dual-action automatic performance, they also set a standard for value: while nobody would call the Ultratech a budget-friendly knife, with a starting price under $300 it was and remains one of the most reasonably-priced quality dual-action automatics on the market.

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