Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you have someone in your life who just loves guns and gear we have the solution for you. Some couples don’t share hobbies, and gun stuff is a very intricate hobby so it can be tricky. It’s hard to even put a list together that doesn’t dive into buts and ifs. So the point of this list is to be generic enough to appeal to all guns while being specific enough to do the same. So here are my Top 5 Gun Gifts for Valentine’s Day.


Chocolate Shaped like Guns. Bullets, and Other Weapons is a cute little website dedicated to creating weapons, ammunition, and even hand grenades out of chocolate, and also soap. This includes 1911s, SAAs, Mini AR15s, MKII Pineapple grenades, 12 gauge shells, and more. Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s a common enough Valentine’s day gift and if it’s shaped likes guns or grenades it’s even better.

An Experience with a Machine Gun

This isn’t so much a gift as it is buying an experience. I mean if you have the money to buy a machinegun, and know how then go right ahead. A slightly cheaper encounter would a gun range that rents machine guns. Firing a machine gun is a thrill very few experiences outside of having Scrooge McDuck money or joining the military. Firing a full auto AR 15, MP5, or better yet something belt fed is an absolute dream and a ton of fun. It may be a drive, but I bet your loved one will find it well worth it. Historically machine guns and Valentine’s day haven’t gone together well, but I think you’ll be good.

Shirts (But Not Lame Ones)

Gun shirts can be absolute abominations. Some are superbly cringing. A skeleton wearing a cowboy hat and trench coat wielding dual 1911s with the word “From my cold dead hands” is lame and horrid. Instead, check out companies like Art 15, or ENDO for clever, funny, and far from cringy gun shirts. ENDO makes some of my all-time favorites and these are often esoteric in-jokes or adoptions of popular culture with a gun theme.

An 80% Lower Receiver

Giving away a receiver can be tricky. With a litany of different gun laws across the country, it can be tricky to give one as a gift. Universal background checks, age requirements, and waiting periods can dash your hopes. An 80 percent lower is not a firearm and does not require a background check. It’s more challenging but more rewarding to build. It also allows you and your partner to do a project together, and time is often the best gift to give. A Valentine’s Day Gun build is magical.

Brownells Edge Subscription

Amazon prime is great, but for gun lovers, Brownell’s Edge is better. It’s basically the Amazon Prime of Brownells. It allows for free two-day shipping on most items, discounted one-day shipping and waived FFL processing fees. This is perfect, and criminally unknown. It would be a great surprise and perfect for the hard to shop gun and gear enthusiast.