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Whether you’re in the military, a law enforcement officer, or a gun-loving, law-abiding citizen, finding the right gear is absolutely critical to your success. Here are 10 pieces of new gear to help get you started as we turn the corner into summer.

Troy SOCC Charging Handles

In an attempt to streamline operation and improve a shooter’s ability to manipulate their gun in stressful situations, Troy recently introduced its new SOCC Charging Handles. The latches for Troy’s SOCC charging handles are constructed from hardened steel for enhanced durability and reliability under a variety of conditions. Troy is currently offering both ambidextrous/enhanced and standard versions of the charging handles to help you take your AR to the next level. (

Booby Trap Bras

Booby Trap Bras, one of the foremost makers of self-defense activewear for women, was founded by a woman who was attacked while out for a jog. The company’s founder, Jennifer Cutrona, is adamant about providing high-quality activewear for women that helps them enjoy an active lifestyle without sacrificing their safety. Each Booby Trap Bra is designed with a hidden pocket that holds pepper spray, a special knife or a Mace Trigger Stun device. Booby Trap Bras also has a full line of athletic wear to complement the exercise bras. (

Bushmaster Minimalist-SD

Bushmaster has unveiled a new AR-platform rifle that should suit a wide variety of shooters. Available in 5.56mm NATO, the Bushmaster Minimalist-SD provides exceptional accuracy, reliability and performance in a rifle with a lot of features while still being lightweight and economical. The Minimalist-SD weighs about 6 pounds unloaded, yet you’re getting an AAC flash suppressor and KeyMod handguard, an ALG Defense Combat Trigger and a Mission First Tactical grip, 30-round magazine and buttstock. (

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