“October is going to be a month of options from TOPS Knives,” says Marketing Director Craig Powell. “We have plenty of releases coming that give coating, handle, and sheath alternatives for knives we already make,” Powell tells us. First up is the Brothers of Bushcraft (BOB) Fieldcraft knife. TOPS is breaking out seven new handle colors and replacing the tried and true 1095 carbon with 154CM stainless steel for a fresh take on this best-selling bushcraft blade.

“The Fieldcraft is a straightforward design that meets the needs of thousands of people throughout the world,” says Powell. 1095 is a simple, effective steel, but if there is a complaint to be lodged, it’s that its non-stainless nature requires increased maintenance.

TOPS counteracts 1095’s corrosive tendencies with coatings and finishes. While these are effective workarounds, TOPS says customers have been asking for more variety. 154CM offers an attractive balance of sharpenability, edge retention, and stain resistance. It is also one of the tougher stainless steels out there, making it a great choice for blades like the Fieldcraft, which are expected to perform in challenging outdoor environments.

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