TOPS has just released the Frog Market Special XL, the plus-sized follow-up to the original FMS. The company’s last release, the El Chete, emphasized chopping muscle, but the FMS XL is all about slicing and dicing. It may be hard to imagine a TOPS knife living in the kitchen, but both FMS models are designed for efficient food prep.

The FMS XL, like its smaller predecessor, was inspired by a Vietnamese design. According to the company, while on a journey to Vietnam, designer Steven Dick saw butchers and fishmongers preparing their goods with a knife pattern that was totally new to him. Dick observed how the unusual, sweeping blades made quick work of food slicing tasks. These knives informed the original FMS’ big-bellied blade, and the new FMS XL kicks up the blade length by nearly two inches.

TOPS Knives Targets Your Kitchen with FMS XL

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