If you love blades and beer, the new Bartender Defender XL might just be your knife. The neck knife/bottle opener combo is the sequel to the Bartender Defender. Bartenders are known for being good listeners. But in this case it was TOPS who listened to their suggestions. Amateurs and Pros loved the concept but wanted changes to improve the design. TOPS Knives and designer Ryan Johnson (of RMJ Tactical fame) took the feedback and completely overhauled the original to arrive at a brand new knife.

“This model was made thanks to specific customer feedback,” TOPS Marketing Director, Craig Powell says. The bottle opener on the original Bartender Defender was only usable with the blade unsheathed. Popping open that fifth brew with a live edge in your hand is probably not the best idea.

Like the F.O.R.K. It, another new TOPS model, the XL makes the sheath a functional part of its design. The Kydex sheath leaves the bottle opener exposed while the knife is stowed.

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Image courtesy of Knife News