After recently releasing Grandpa’s Ax, designed by TOPS Knives CEO Leo Espinoza’s father, the company continues to tap into the minds of those closest to them. This time it’s a barong-inspired machete called the Yacare 10.0, designed by none other than Craig Powell, General Manager at TOPS.

The Yacare leverages its unusual dimensions to make it a high-intensity, mid-size chopping machine. This machete has a 10-inch 1095 blade and a stock that’s 3/16” thick. The huge, curving belly mimics the leaf-like blade shape of a barong. A high grind offers a balance between chopping ability and slicing prowess that TOPS favors on all but its burliest designs. At 17.7 oz. the Yacare isn’t a lightweight, but it does come in underneath some other heavyweights in the lineup like El Chete or the Armageddon, while still offering high levels of horsepower.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News