*Photo courtesy of Knife News

TOPS is debuting the I Stick, an overbuilt push knife for those in need of a high-impact self-defense tool. The new tactical knife emphasizes weight and bulk for maximum power.

TOPS embraced heavy duty destruction tools this year. Releases like El Chete and the Missile Strike emphasize heft and power. The I Stick embodies this same mentality in a self-defense oriented design. Push daggers often aim to be light and small but TOPS didn’t shy away from pure mass with the I Stick. “At 3/8” thick and just over 12 ounces, you won’t forget you’re carrying it,” says the company’s Craig Powell. “But for those looking for a stout push knife, this is it.”

The added weight makes the I Stick a powerful weapon for those in need. “Having it be so heavy can be an advantage in the added weight to a thrust or slash, which would obviously do more damage,” Powell explains. When used with skill, the thick 3.5-inch blade hits hard and fast. Powell recommends users train with the I Stick first to master its particular balance. “As with any tool that someone is going to carry for self-defense, it will require some practice to get used to the weight.” The I Stick’s 1095 blade is a true dagger, with a 3.13-inch cutting edge on either side.

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