Over the years I’ve amassed a nice collection of watches, but what I seem to collect more of are straps to complement the watch itself. Changing out the strap often gives you the feeling of owning an entirely new watch. Between Alligator, Stingray, Buffalo and the always faithful NATO band, your options are pretty endless. But NATO isn’t actually the correct term for these utilitarian straps we see so frequently. NATO was the shortened version, originally stemming from NATO Stocking Number or NSN.

Toxic NATOS | Watch accessories done right

The more appropriate name is G10 which refers to the form British soldiers had to fill out called the G1098. Once this form was filled out, soldiers could receive their strap from the unit’s supply store. But these straps only came in “Admiralty Grey” and only with a 20mm width. These days the options are endless and some of the big name luxury watch brands are shipping out G10’s as the intended band.

Toxic NATOS | Watch accessories done right

Toxic NATO’s is a veteran-owned small business out of Colorado Springs that makes some of the finest bands on the market. One of the more stand-out offerings from them are the ‘Seat Belt’ style Nylon bands that have a more refined and soft weave than the standard NATO’s you normally see. For obvious reasons, they call it the seat belt style because – you guessed it – It feels just like a small seat belt on your wrist. So it goes without saying that if your seat belt is meant to keep you in your car at 80 miles per hour, these bands are equally as tough for your Rolex.

Toxic NATO’s offers quite possibly the most diverse range of NATO/G10 bands on the market with impeccable customer service. When you’re ready to change out your straps and freshen up an old case, be sure to hit up Toxic NATO’s.

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