(Article courtesy of Tactical Life)

TrackingPoint is bringing the .300 Blackout round back to its stable with its new M400XHDR rifle. Built on the Austin, Texas-based company’s AR platform, the Gen 2, night-vision enabled M400XHDR boasts a 400-yard lock range and the knockdown power of a .30 caliber.

The M400XHDR also shares a lot of the same technological advances as the rest of the company’s lineup of precision-guided firearms, such as the RapidLok Trigger System, which ensures precise accuracy by acquiring, tracking and locking on ranged targets. Meanwhile, audio/video capture capability lets you record your experience, and broadcast capability via WiFi lets you share it live with friends and family.

According to the press release, the M400 system is powered by five optical modes. Precision Target and Precision Mover calculate ballistic and firing solutions for the shooter. Auto-Acquire mode snaps the reticle to a pre-determined center of mass of a tagged target. Suppressive Fire mode calculates and holds real-time ballistic solutions coupled with a live trigger to engage multiple targets quickly. The final mode, Night Mode, uses CMOS sensor technology to deliver Gen 2 night vision performance when used with the rail-mounted IL illuminator that comes standard with every M400XHDR. Basically, this rifle acquires and tracks targets in the dark just as easily as it does in the daylight.

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