The base everyday carry for level-crucial tradecraft. All gear in this kit is made entirely of titanium EDC or are highly prevalent of it.

An everyday carry kit is a constantly evolving, ever-changing set of gear that should be customized for the person’s preferences and situational needs.” – JOHN V CAIN (Founder of VINJABOND)

Tradecraft Titanium EDC Gear Kit :

This is a partial gear list for my on-my-person carry and packing list. The bulk of my equipment is in my FAST Pack EDC Backpack.

Tradecraft Titanium EDC Kit

Centauro Knife

Tradecraft Titanium EDC Kit

The Best Titanium Folding Spork?

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A Korean designed but Italian made top-of-the-line tactical flipper knife. This is an elegantly robust and full sized high-tech instrument of close quarters combat. Titanium scales, ball bearing pivot and a N690 steel blade.” – RAIDOPS (Specialty Knives & Tools)

Nano Bogota Entry Kit

Tradecraft Titanium EDC Kit

Manufactured from solid titanium, these are the most compact “Bogota” method lock picks. Non-magnetic, non-corrosive and highly concealable.

“Accesses nearly all pin tumbler locks.” – VIGILANT GEAR (Urban Survival Equipment)

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Photos courtesy of Vinjabond