More than 30 years of experience training military, law enforcement, and civilians have gone into the designs at Langdon Tactical Technology. The needs of and lessons learned from competition, self-defense, and duty are each unique and taken into consideration before a development earns the LTT title.

Every day, someone asks Ernest Langdon, President of Langdon Tactical, “Why have you stuck with Traditional Double Action pistols in a striker-fired world?”.

Ernest Langdon’s Reasons for DA/SA:

  • Confidence
  • Shootability
  • Inherent Accuracy
  • Reliability

Check out this short, 2-minute video below to hear Ernest Langdon talk more about his reasons for sticking with a hammer fired pistol.

Langdon has spent a lot of time working on DA/SA guns, primarily focusing on the trigger pull improvement. Since the distance of the pull is more important than the weight of the trigger pull, many shooters will opt to improve the trigger pull of their double action pistol.

Check out the 92 Elite LTT with an LTT Trigger Job!

  • Here’s what Garand Thumb has to say about the 92 Elite LTT.

  • NRA’s American Rifleman Writer, Justin Dyal, says, “The hotspots were completely gone and even edges along the length of the trigger guard seemed more radiused… The Elite LTT feels great in the hand, with the checkered frame and grip panels anchoring the pistol firmly and comfortably.”

Are you looking to do this on your DA pistol without spending the money on a brand new one? The Langdon Tactical “Trigger Job in a Bag” for the Beretta 92/96 and PX4 Storm (full-size and compact) is a great way to reduce the weight and smooth out that first DA pull.

It’s like getting a full custom trigger job on your Beretta without the cost of shipping or time delay of having to send your firearm to a gunsmith. The easy, drop-in installation only takes a few minutes. Order the 92 Elite LTT with Trigger Job and get a FREE 15rd Mag!

Use the code ‘LTTMAG’ at checkout for free mag.
Use the code ‘SHIPDASA’ at checkout for free shipping on the “Trigger Job in a Bag”.

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About Langdon Tactical Technology:

Langdon Tactical Technology is a source for advanced education and equipment needs specializing in the Beretta 92/96 and PX4 platforms.