IMO, one of the best forms of training is what we do off of the range – weapons manipulation drills and especially dry fire drills. However, I am always hesitant to perform these drills due to the inherent risk of a safety issue or worse, a negligent discharge. I am confident in my safety procedures and capabilities when handling a firearm, however there is always the possibility.

Now, there are several options to not only mitigate the risk, but even eliminate it – the Training Barrels available from 5.11 Tactical. These simply replace the OEM barrel in your weapon, effectively eliminating the possibility of chambering a round. Furthermore, they do not hinder the manipulation of the weapon or any other use thereof – such as holster retention, magazine insertion and even slide lock. Note: Some models may protrude slightly from the end of the weapon as to increase visibility of the bright yellow training barrel for confidence – this may hinder holstering in some models, depending on design.

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