If you ever dreamt of becoming a dinosaur as a young boy, the time has come. As soon as I pulled the Les George Sabot out of its sheath I felt as though I had deadly talon attached to my hand. Not only does it resemble a talon in appearance but in sharpness as well, this knife could easily be used as a skinning knife or as a backup throat slitter if the time comes.

This knife boasts a 2 inch drop point blade putting it at an overall length of 4.3 inches. The blade is a sturdy .125-inch-thick stainless steel and the handle is just a little bit thicker measuring at .136 inches. There are notches along the spine that give it a nice grip on your thumb. The ring hole is a nice large size, big enough for me to fit any of my finger in.

Transforming into a Velociraptor: The Les George Sabot

The kydex sheath provides very nice tension and makes for an easy draw. It has 3 eyelets holding it together and is perfect for running 550 chord or a chain through for use as a neck knife. This is really the only way I can see it being effectively employed as there really is no way of mounting it otherwise.

Transforming into a Velociraptor: The Les George Sabot

The Les George Sabot is very durable and concealable. The whole package weighs in at an impressive 1.7 ounces. I really like this knife but it would definitely take some training to use effectively as a defensive knife. Most knife techniques won’t carry over to this knife but as a backup I’m sure you can figure it out on the fly. The only down fall to this knife is that there is no mounting ability, I wish they would offer the sheath with a metal belt clip or something of the sort.

Author – Wes Nanny is currently a sgt in the Marine Corps until January at which point I will be ending my career with the Marine Corps to join the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Texas. I did 8 years as a grunt being a team leader and squad leader. I deployed to sangin, Afghanistan in 2010-2011 with 3rd battalion 5th Marine Regiment. After that I stayed with that unit and went on the 15th and 31st MEU’s. Iv attended numerous schools like CLS, TCCC, Assault climbers course, combat hunter trainer course, HRST masters course, infantry squad leaders course, raid leaders course and some others I cant think of. In my spare time when im not with my family I like to climb, shoot, and hike. I stay very current on firearms and fear of all sorts. I also did some side work with custom kydex for the last two years.