has recently released a new custom drop-in trigger, the Travis Haley SKIMMER Enhanced Carry Trigger System, which they claim gives Glocks the performance of a stock 1911 using 100 percent OEM parts. They had me at OEM. It is a trigger job in a box for duty carry.

When you open the cool tubular package, you see that all of the metal Glock factory parts have been hand-polished to a mirror finish. There are no instructions, but they are Glock factory parts. Any Glock armorer or person with YouTube access can change them out. The system is drop-in with no fitting required.

Once you get the trigger system in, you notice a new feel. Moderate trigger weight is essential for a safe carry gun. Here, the weight does not change. The trigger surfaces move over each other smoothly. There is a subtle non-adjustable pre-travel reduction modification. The transition is shorter and there is a consistent wall to pull against. You get a clean break and a better feel. It can help reduce anticipation and muzzle movement.

On the range, it feels the same safe weight, but cleaner, so you can frame your shots without excessive movement. I put this trigger in my Rogers/RMR Glock 17. I can see this is going to take thousands of additional rounds to evaluate fully.


Smooth trigger w/ trigger bar / OEM / modified to reduce pre-travel / polished
Trigger housing w/ ejector / OEM polished
Minus connector / optional 5.5 lb. standard connector / OEM polished
Trigger spring / OEM polished
Firing pin spring / OEM polished
Firing pin safety spring / OEM polished
Firing pin Safety / OEM polished
Spring cups / OEM

Get them all day long for $159.95 from

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