Gun – Walther PPS 9mm

The Walther PPS in a single stack, striker fired, polymer framed semi-automatic pistol. It comes chambered in either 9mm or 40 S&W. Mine is in 9mm. Why the Walther versus the other single stack 9mms out there? First and foremost the Walther offered a wider variety of options than the Glock, Springfield, and Smith and Wesson for carry. I can change the grip size in both width and length. The Walther has three different options for magazines for the 9mm variant, the 6 round flush fitting, the 7 round with pinky extension and the 8 round that offers a full grip. The different size magazines change the way the weapon conceals and the way it shoots.

I also love the weapon’s width, it’s thin, super thin throughout the slide and frame, making it easy to conceal. The weapon is also easy to handle when shooting and features full three dot sights for easy aiming. The last feature I love is the magazine release. It’s a paddle style placed behind the trigger guard, easy to reach with both the thumb and the trigger fingers, and completely ambidextrous.

Travis Pike's Everyday Carry
Walther PPS 9mm Pistol

KnifeCase Knife

I like classics, and the Case Knife is a family tradition. This is a simple two-blade knife with a standard 3-inch blade. I see my knife as a tool, not as a weapon. Case knives have a simple quality to them, but an absolutely amazing warranty. My dad has used his for everything under the sun, and used it to the point the blade becomes half its width. He sends it back to Case and they throw two new blades on it without question and send it back. I’ve used my Case knife to dress deer, hogs, rabbit, to open boxes, bags, cut cables, fabrics, and nearly everything else I’ve ever come across. It just works, and that’s all I need it to do.

Travis Pike's Everyday Carry
Case pocket knife

FlashlightSmith and Wesson Defensive Pen

So this isn’t actually a pen, it just looks like one. It’s a small, easy to carry flashlight that clips onto my pocket. This thing has been tossed around, dropped in water, and gone around the country with me. It works just as good today as it did two years ago. It’s cheap, but I tend to lose expensive flashlights and didn’t want to lose another Streamlight. It’s also nice and pointy in case I ever need it as a defensive weapon, and I can’t carry my gun or knife due to metal detectors and ridiculous laws.

Travis Pike's Everyday Carry
Smith and Wesson Light

Wallet – Marvel Comics Bifold

A gift from my 4-year-old son for my birthday. Not much else to say except Marvel DC.

Holsters – Phalanx Defense Stealth Operator Compact and Desantis Cargo pocket holster

Two holsters that fit one gun. The first holster by Phalanx defense has a Mall ninja name but is an excellent OWB holster. It’s passive retention, Kydex and incredibly comfortable. It conceals easily and is a steal at around 30 bucks. This is my off work holster.

When I am at work I carry the Desantis Cargo pocket holster. Work attire consists of cargo pants and a tucked in button down shirt. Not very conducive  to concealed carry. This cargo pocket holsters rides comfortably all day and doesn’t shift or move. It’s much faster than a tuckable holster and rides like a thigh rig.

Travis Pike's Everyday Carry
Holster options

Extras– These items might not make it to my pockets, but are at least always in the vehicle

MagGuts: The True +1 for your Handgun

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Cell Phone Battery – Yeah it’s pink, the pink ones were on sale and every dollar I save can goes to ammo. We live in a modern world and if I can have an auxiliary method of keeping my phone alive when the chips are down I’m gonna take it.

Travis Pike's Everyday Carry
Cell phone battery charger

CAT Tourniquet – I keep an IFAK in the car, but occasionally throw the tourniquet in my pocket. I’ve carried this more and more as of late and it will probably become a permanent fixture very soon.

Travis Pike's Everyday Carry
CAT Tourniquet