When I first wrote about the Trayvax wallet in charcoal grey I still needed to put it through testing. Since that article, I have used it every single day. I have used it at work, hiking, running, hunting, and normal day-to-day activities. I even loaned it to my kids (3 and 5) to see if they could destroy it (they couldn’t). The only thing I was unable to test was if/how the RFID blocking works on different cards.

This wallet works great. I never have cards slipping out, and I don’t need to adjust it once it is closed. This wallet works exactly as advertised. The only time I second guessed my decision was when I needed to pull out my wallet to pay for something with people who I don’t know that well, or people who I want to make a good first impression (think clients/bosses). Pulling open some Velcro and sifting through cards don’t always work in a business/formal environment.

Enter the Trayvax Element in Tobacco Brown. Trayvax maintains its use of metal, however, it forgoes Velcro and nylon for tanned leather. The Trayvax Element performs the same tasks as its other wallets but does so in style. The Element has a similar card holding system although it is limited to 8-10 (versus 12-14). The metal frame features an internal bottle opener/money clip feature to make carrying cash easy or having a beer easy. If the standard Trayvax was a sedan, then the Element is a luxury car.

Trayvax: Another Look (Element)
Trayvax Element: Tobacco Brown


4 ½” Length

2 ¾” Width

¾” Depth (I have 9 cards inside)


Sandblasted stainless steel

Top grain oil tanned leather (5oz leather)

550 type 3 paracord

Trayvax: Another Look (element)
Trayvax Element: reverse side open

The price point of the element is approximately $40 higher than the standard Trayvax wallet ($29.99 currently on sale for $24.99). Although you need to shell out $69.99 for this wallet, you will have the peace of mind that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, for my patriots out there, this product is made in the USA (as are all Trayvax products). Although it was mentioned in the first article, I think that it is worth mentioning that Trayvax donates a portion of their proceeds (10%) to non-profits distributing clean water around the world.

Trayvax: Another Look (Element)
Trayvax Element: reverse side closed

Both styles from Trayvax work great, it is more a matter of the environment that you are in. If you are a businessman or have clients/bosses where first impressions are important, look to the element. I use the element on a day-to-day basis and save the standard Trayvax for my outdoor adventures. Regardless of which you chose, I am happy with having made the switch to Trayvax.