Courtesy of Tactical Life

Let me start by saying that although I built this Sharps Bros. rifle purposely for a review, it was destined to be a keeper. Therefore, all of the components were carefully chosen for their quality and utility. Additionally, I wanted to make sure they enhanced the badass appearance of the Jack10 upper and lower receivers.

Sharps Bros. has become well known in the AR world for its otherworldly lower receivers. CNC-machined from billets of 7075-T6 aluminum, Sharps Bros.’ lowers have magazine wells that look like warthogs, fighter planes and, in the case of the Jack series, skulls. While the company started with 5.56mm NATO AR lowers, it has expanded to include AK-47 receivers and even .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO AR receiver sets. Which brings us to the heart of this build—the Jack10.

The Sharps Bros. Jack10 kit features billet-crafted upper and lower receivers. The heavily flared magazine well looks like a skull with some awesome-looking details. Another nice addition is the integral, oversized triggerguard. The flattop upper is streamlined and angular like other billet-crafted receivers. Both of these parts are tank tough and, all together, weigh about 25 ounces. Now came the fun part of building the gun.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life