The Tridentis Tactical LR 308 Free Floating Rail is everything you need and nothing you don’t. Quad rails tend to be heavy, expensive, and abrasive. Tube forends, by contrast, are lightweight, but you have to buy accessories to get the rail you need. Tridentis Tactical did all the thinking for you. With their LR 308 Free Floating Rail, you have a place to put your hand, rails where you need them, and M-Lok everywhere else you might want something mounted.

The partners who started Tridentis Tactical met in the Boy Scouts back when disco was still cool. They joined the Navy; one went to EOD and the other became a SEAL. After 20 years of taxpayer-funded shooting and armorer training, they came home and started a gun company to build the accurate guns they always wanted. They are obsessed with quality lightweight parts.

The choice of fore end for your rifle is critical to how it will perform.  You want a floated barrel for accuracy. You need a strong and rigid frame to mount a bipod and accessories. It should be light so that your rifle isn’t unbalanced and front heavy. Tridentis Tactical accommodated all of those needs with this rail.

railmakingYou can easily throw this component into your .308 build with a 1–5/16″ crowfoot wrench and some medium-strength threadlock. The proprietary barrel nut is infinitely adjustable, so you can torque it exactly to specs. Once it is tight, the rail clamps on with two hex screws and a locking block which fits into a key way groove in the barrel nut, eliminating any back-and-forth movement. With everything torqued down, there is no play at all. Solid and ready to shoot.

They did some calculations on where the human hand instinctively falls on the stock and positioned the swell in the stock in that sweet spot, enabling optimum hand placement. They put rails exactly where the sights, lights, bi-pods, and scopes go. They put M-Lok on the sides for Magpul covers or any M-Lok accessories you want to mount.

So, I sent them my 1992-vintage SR-25 asked for a tune up. The guys at Tridentis Tactical took my antique Knight’s Armament Company upper and made something much better, and almost four pounds lighter. They added a Lantac USA Dragon 308 muzzle brake, Lilja Precision 20″ 308 barrel, and their LR 308 Free Floating Rail 14″ 308 rail.

Before sending my rifle.
They added all these parts.
After picture.

And now, my old 1 MOA SR-25 is a lightweight sub-minute Tridentis SR-25. The guys at Tridentis do Cerakote finishes and complete custom builds, too. The detail on their laser engraving is like nothing I have ever seen.


Specifications for the Tridentis Tactical LR 308 Free Floating Rail:

  • Hard coat anodized 6061-T6 aluminum handguard with a aluminum barrel nut
  • 1913 Picatinny continuous top rail
  • Four quick-disconnect sling mounts 14″ long, soon available in 12.5″ and 15″
  • Barrel nut and hardware included
  • Accepts M-Lok rail sections and accessories
  • Matches the DPMS “high-profile” or JD Machine upper receiver that has a 3/16″ wide top portion where the charging handle is installed


$225 for black hard-coat anodized or $200 raw (ready for Cerakote). Buy them here.


Tridentis Tactical knows accurate and practical guns. Their rail is a great design and built with beautiful craftsmanship. If you are building an AR, take a hard look at their free float rails.

(Feature Image Courtesy of Kassim Osgood)