Triple Aught Designs’ FAST Pack Litespeed is one of their top-selling items, and it’s easy to see why. My first thought when I actually got my hands on this pack was, “wow, this feels really durable.” After carrying the Litespeed at work for a while, including during a police driving course that put the water resistance to the test, it has definitely earned its place as my new favorite medium size day pack.

The TAD FAST Pack Litespeed is a 22 Liter pack that measures 10.00″W x 20.00″H x6.75″D. The material used is a 1000 Denier Cordura that is both very rugged and very water-resistant. The entire front of the pack is covered with Molle for attaching whatever pouches you see fit. Triple Aught Design didn’t stop there though. They added a removable and adjustable beavertail on the front that allows for the carry and easy access to awkwardly shaped items that would take up a lot of space on the inside like bump helmets. I use it to carry a large CLS kit because it allows me to access it quickly and the fit is perfect but if you have no use for it then TAD designed it so that it can be detached and used on the inside as a divider.

The bottom of the Litespeed, like many other packs, has an adjustable strap system on the bottom for attaching things like sleeping pads or ponchos. The top side, however, has a feature I haven’t seen on any other pack yet. There is a criss-cross designed adjustable shock cord that allows for things like jackets or poncho liners to be secured to the top of the pack and contour down the sides. I’m a huge fan because it keeps from wasting valuable space on the inside on a jacket but keeps it off of the bottom of the pack that always seems to get so dirty from kicking up debris or just setting your pack down. The zippers to access the main compartment opens up wide so its easy to access everything in the inside, but TAD was wise enough to set the zipper forward enough that you can get to them without the chord system on top interfering, even with something stowed there. On the top of the main flap is a zippered pocket that is covered in a field of velcro. Inside the hand deep pocket are two rows of organizational pocket to retain whatever items you need like a Multitool, spare mag or flashlight.

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed: A trusted companion for adventures

On the inside of the Litespeed on the back panel is where the internal HDPE frame sheet to allow the pack to remain rigid and increase comfortability. On the sides and bottom of the inside are the buckles that allow for the beavertail to be used as a divider. The closing part of the Litespeed has two zippered mesh admin pockets that are perfect for note taking gear, electronics, spare ammo or whatever other items you feel like you need.

TAD uses Hypalon synthetic rubber to reinforce all of the normally weak spots on the pack like the should straps and the drag handle. They also decided to use a new, to me at least, strap retention system that is much easier to use than the usual velcro or elastic strap keepers. This pack is definitely well made and durable. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a medium-sized pack. You won’t be sorry. TAD offers the Litespeed in a lot of different colors including coyote and Multicam. Go check out their website, order one today and you will see why it was named the Carryology Readers Choice Award.

Author – Wes Nanny is a former Marine with combat deployments to Afghanistan. He is currently pursuing a career in local law enforcement.