The U.S. Department of State created a few publications as guidelines for Americans traveling abroad. A particular paragraph stands out and provides the right approach to our monthly theme of keeping a low profile, “A key single concept, more than any other, should permeate all planning activities, namely keep a low profile. In other words, do not draw attention to yourself as an American by driving a big American car, having American publications delivered to residential mailbox or doorsteps, or having displays at your residence, which will identify you as an American. Common sense and a knowledge of local cultures and mores must guide you to what extent you should blend into local environs. Appearing to “go native” may subject you to ridicule and be counter-productive in keeping a low profile.” 

Triple Aught Design (TAD) – Intercept PD pant is one of the best American made denim jeans for the low-profile, mission-oriented, global traveler. Triple Aught is shorthand for machinist and engineers for a thousands of an inch, which is the highest standard of precision tolerance and these pants are made with exactly that level of passion and precision. The pant has the classic silhouette of five pockets with concealed pockets on the yoke to secure your smartphone, passport, pistol, or AR type magazines, both left and right sides. The belt loops are carefully spaced and wide enough to fit a gun-fighters belt, and the weight distribution feels well-balanced. You can easily wear a belt from CrossBreed

with an Ares Aegis buckle or a tactical cobra belt from High Threat Concealment.  The knees are not articulated or doubled in material, so they do not have a tactical look. However, even without the extra material in the knees, the pant is as durable as your great-grandfather’s denim and the front welt coin pockets are wide and deep enough to carry a small tactical light or zippo. The button fly is a nice touch, but if you carry AIWB (i.e., Appendix) it does make it feel like trying to button a pair of 13 button sailor dress trousers when making a “head call.” The bottom of the trouser is reinforced with extra material that can conceal a few E&E items and keeps them from fraying and are straight legged, so they cover a pair of cowboy boots or hiking boots as would be expected.

The pant comes in two colors the dark denim with gold stitching can blend into most parts around the world, and the black denim with black stitching are exceptional if you travel and into Eastern European. For those of you looking for a pant that is also good for quiet activities, the pant does not give off the familiar rubbing sound that most modern materials do and maintain a comfortable fit when wet. If you’re a grunt and have those “ruck legs,” these pants will fit you well without the need for additional tailoring. Even though the pant is not equipped with a gusseted crotch you can still be an action hero like Chuck Norris, with no pinch.

Some key features of the pant:

  1. Traditional 5-pocket silhouette with modernized lines, shank button fly, and industrial detailing.
  2. Siege Denim – 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane (11.75 oz)
  3. Blackout Denim – 76% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 2% Elastane (11.6 oz)
  4. Hidden triple needle stitching on the in- and outseam
  5. TAD diamond reinforcements protect pockets from premature wear from knife or tool clips.

Author – Rich Moore is a currently a Cybersecurity Executive and travels OCONUS frequently. He served 15 years in the Marine Corps in the following MOS(s) 0351 Infantry Assaultman, 8531 Primary Marksmanship Instructor, 8111 CRRC Coxswain, 8151 Marine Security Guard (Department of State, U.S. Embassy), 0291 Intelligence Chief. Besides his current work that is subsidizing his gear buying hobbies, he is also an NRA Instructor.