The SERE 1 pouch from Triple Aught Design is a unique design. The small pouch, although designed for SERE escape and evasion tools, can be used to carry small everyday carry tools. The size of the SERE 1 pouch allows you to easily conceal your E&E kit inside a back pocket or cargo pocket.

Once the pouch has been unfolded you are presented with several smaller pockets and elastic bands for securing all your critical escape, evasion and other everyday carry tools.

Triple Aught Design SERE 1 Pouch

The elastic band that is sewn into the pouch keeps the pouch tight and compact when all folded up.

Triple Aught Design SERE 1 Pouch

Once the pouch is folded and secured with the elastic band, you then secure everything with the slip buckle on the outside.

Triple Aught Design SERE 1 Pouch

From Triple Aught Design

The SERE Pouch 1 (SP1) is a micro tool roll engineered to provide secure and rapid access to survival, evasion, resistance and escape tools. Using vertical and horizontal compression, small tools can be secured into 5 flexible compartments or a removable micro sheath.

Deployment Scenarios

We engineered the SP1 to be uniquely capable of providing a secure mobile workspace while still being instantly removable.

  • The SP1’s vertical lashing strap is MOLLE compatible, able to be woven through a single column of PALS before being secured around the body of the pouch via  an ITW G-Hook.
  • To access the contents, unhook the G-Hook, pull down on the horizontal compression strap and unfold the SP1. The pouch will remain attached to the PALS platform in this open position, providing a mobile  workspace to contain and organize small tools during use.
  • The SP1 may be rapidly detached by unhooking the G-Hook and firmly pulling the pouch away from the PALS webbing.

Specs (courtesy of Triple Aught Design):


  • 500 Denier Invista™ Cordura®
  • Nylon Webbing
  • Velcro®


  • Rolled : 2.75” x 4.00” (6.99 cm x 10.16 cm)
  • Unrolled : 8.00” x 7.25” (20.32 cm x 18.41 cm)


  • ITW G-Hook


  • Lateral & Vertical Compression Straps
  • 5 Pockets for SERE Tools
  • Micro Sheath with Shock Cord Pull
  • Ranger Eye

Made in USA

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