Once again Triple Aught Design knocks it out of the park with their Transport Sleeve. Most “sleeves” on the market built for laptops are just a padded sleeve and nothing else. The main compartment of the TAD Transport Sleeve is padded like most others. The outside pocket also provides an area to store your power adapter and other electronics accessories and cords. On the backside of the Transport Sleeve is a slip pocket for documents.

From the Triple Aught Design website:

Built to protect and transport a wide array of daily instruments including tablets, laptops, e-readers, and other devices, our Transport Sleeves are an essential accessory to your everyday carry system.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into TAD carry systems, Transport Sleeves keep your critical gear and accessories organized and protected at your destination. Head into your next meeting (or airplane seat) with your laptop or tablet, critical documents, chargers and cables, and other essentials artfully contained in a single, sleek, protected package.

I’ve got a medium sized Transport Sleeve on order to use with my MacBook Pro 13″, so I’ll do a follow-up with how it integrates with my Azimuth pack and how I load it out. Stay tuned…

Featured photo courtesy of Triple Aught Design