When it comes to polymer pistols you don’t have a lot of options to change the grips. You can change the backstraps with a few, and you can permanently alter the grips via stippling if you choose. That is really it, though. The idea behind Tuff Grips is to give you an alternative option to modify your grips without permanently modifying them.

Tuff Grips

The purpose is simple. These grips give you a softer, more comfortable grip. The Tuff grips are checkered in a variety of ways to increase your grip on the weapon. There is also the aesthetic factor. These grips come in different grip patterns and different colors. For example, there are skulls, snake print, camouflage patterns, black OD green etc.

Tuff Grips - A First Look

Universal Fit

I’ve only begun to test these grips, but they are comfortable so far. Tuff Grips claim they are universal grips that will fit most firearms. I’ve attached them to my CZ P09, my Ruger LCR 9mm with Hogue tamer grips, and my AR 15 with the BCM grip. It does fit on everyone, and fits tightly. They won’t fit on something super small like the S&W Bodyguard 380, those grips are just too short.

Tuff Grips - A First Look

Potential Issues

A big flaw I commonly find with these slide on rubber grips is they will eventually begin sliding. With a revolver or a rifle this isn’t a big deal. However, if the grips slide up on an automatic they can interfere with the magazine release. If they slide too low they can interfere with swapping magazines.

It’s important to not this hasn’t happened yet. However, this will be my main concern while testing the Tuff grips, and something I’ll be watching out for.

Tuff Grips - A First Look

Run Time

So far so good. I’ve taken both the CZ and Ruger out for a test drive wearing these grips. The rifle will be tested soon as well. I didn’t notice much of a difference with the P09. The little Ruger LCR 9mm and it’s Boa green grips was much more comfortable to shoot. It softer, and provides a little dampening to the hand. The Tuff grips in OD green look pretty sweet on my all black LCR. I look forward to some after holidays shooting and seeing how these hold up on different rifles and handguns. Check out Tuff grips here.