Tuff Gun Grips are a simple slide on grips that are designed to increase traction, comfort, and usability of a firearm. Do they do that exactly? Now some firearms may have a very aggressive checkering that allows for an easy and positive grip on your firearm. Some firearms may not. So before you buy identify if this is an issue.

Tuff Gun Grips

I usually don’t like these little slide open grips, especially for a modern semi-automatics. They occasionally slide and slip when firing. This has the potential to block the magazine release button after sliding upwards. If they slide downwards they could make swapping magazines difficult. I never had this issue on the three guns I tested with the Tuff Gun Grips.

Tuff Gun Grips | Range and Carry Review

The three weapons I reviewed the Tuff grips on were my Ruger LCR 9mm, my CZ P09, and my AR 15. These grips are universal, and they are all the same size. As you can see they fit a wide variety of weapons pretty well. In shooting I never felt or observed the grips moving in any way. Round count wise I fired well over 200 rounds through the CZ P09, the weapons the grips could affect most. They never slid.

Tuff Gun Grips | Range and Carry Review


I was pleasantly surprised to find these grips made carrying the CZ P09 concealed a lot more comfortable. The P09 has a very aggressive checkering on the grips and it tends to rub like sandpaper across my body when carried both IWB and OWB. These soft rubber grips provided a comfortable solution to grip the gun and when carrying didn’t get give me grip burn across the body.

Tuff Gun Grips | Range and Carry Review
Carry Comfort

In the hand the soft rubber feels pretty good. Especially in the Ruger LCR 9. My Ruger wears comfortable Hogue grips, and the Tuff Gun Grips makes them even more comfortable. They are softer and better help with the gun’s sharp recoil. The checkering on the Boa Tuff Gun Grips is by far my favorite. I feel like it sits better in the hand, and it looks the best as well. Green on black looks quite nice.


Tuff Gun Grips | Range and Carry Review
Boa Grips


These do make our grips a little thicker, some may not desire this. I got big hands so it doesn’t bother me. I saw no difference in performance when tossed on my AR 15, and generally, I prefer my thinner BCM Gunfighter grip bare.

Installing these bad boys can be a hassle. You have to roll them up, slide them over, and roll them down. Sounds easy, but it’s not. It feels like you need a vise or an extra arm to install them easily. Once they are on though they are on.

The Tuff Gun Grips are great to make a gun more comfortable for carry like the CZ P09, and does make a small, snappy gun a little more recoil friendly.