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Tuffy Announces Model 335 Under-Seat Security Drawer
Ashley Bunch

Tuffy Security Products recently made an announcement many of you will be interested in: the Model 335 Under Seat Security Drawer is now on the market. The Model 335 will fit under the seat of 2011 and any newer Ford Explorer SUVs, as well as any of the increasingly ubiquitous 2013 and newer Ford Police Interceptor SUV model vehicles.

Grunts: ubiquitous.

Tuffy Announces Model 335 Under Seat Security Drawer
The Explorer based Ford Interceptor first came out in 2012 – not it accounts for nearly half of the US LE vehicle market.

The most significant thing about the 335 security drawer is that it cannot be seen from outside the vehicle. This makes it not only suitable for law enforcement and other security services personnel, but also armed citizens for those occasions when there’s just no option but to leave a weapon or something of similar importance in the vehicle.

They tell us it will provides more than 200 cu. in. of storage space, and that it’s built with 16-gauge steel construction and a pick-resistant 10-tumber double-bitted lock (that features their Pry-Guard patented locking system). It will attach below either the driver or passenger seats without drilling of the floor pan, using OEM seat mount points and bolts. All you’ll need to install it are basic hand tools.

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