Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team is training to become better at tracking suspects.

They went to Keystone State Park today to train in the rough terrain there.

SWAT members went through the rigorous training to make sure they are ready to respond to a high-risk situation — no matter if it’s in an urban area or a chase through the woods.

Keystone State Park has woods with tall grass and no roads in sight, and it represents areas that suspect easily could use as camouflage.

But with members of SWAT on their heels, they likely won’t get far.

Deputy Michael Bonin is a trained tracker who uses the smallest clues to find people on the run.

He’s teaching SWAT members a new method of tracking.

“The old school search and rescue tracking, the guys just watched the ground,” Bonin said. “But in this type of environment, we have to have a security element around while the tracker is actually tracking.”

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Photo courtesy of newson6.com