For many of us, we often seek to find “combative gear” that can be suitable for not only in combat environments, but for everyday use in case we find ourselves in a SHTF situation.  I’ve come across and had the opportunity to run an awesome piece of kit last week on the range with a group of Special Operators and Private Military Contractors that I think many of you will enjoy, the TYR Tactical™ Aussie Low Vis PICO Plate Carrier.

There’s just something about a Low Vis. Plate Carrier that screams, “Must Have”.  Not everyone can afford the most high-tech, level 3 body armor on the market, but, coming in at a retail price of $200.00, the tactical shooter can afford a Low Vis. Plate carrier.

Low Vis. Plate Carriers were a necessity while operating as a Reconnaissance/Sniper in Afghanistan.  They may not stop what your level 3 armor can stop, but you can always address that problem later on down the line if need be.  In the meantime, they do offer a needed layer of protection to your person that gives you an edge, all the while maintaining a covert, or “normal guy” presentation.  What I also like about this carrier, is the fact that you can carry an extra mag or two, keeping a sleek profile.


• Made with the Revolutionary Hybrid PV® (Pluma Vires) Material
• 50% Weight Reduction on Average
• Independently Tested to 8X the Abrasion Resistance of Standard Mil-Spec Nylon
• Higher Tensile Strength than 1000D Nylon
• Improved Structural / Load Carriage Performance and Durability

MSRP: $200.00

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