UCO (utility, comfort, originality) has been innovating the outdoor market since 1971.  The Seattle, WA area manufacturer sent their Original Candle Lantern in for review a while ago, so I have a passing familiarity with the brand.  Now they’ve asked us at the Loadout Room to check out their Portable Firepit.

UCO Portable FirePit | Call for fire

A small metal dish with scalloped edges that collapses inwards to form a semi-complete “roof”; the Firepit resembles an old kitchen colander or steamer.  Not made for cooking your broccoli, this is designed to give a low-impact spot to get some flames burning.  Whether you’re in an area where a fire hazard exists or if you just want a base that will reflect a great deal more heat upwards , the Firepit keeps a safety barrier under your flames.  Extendable feet on the bottom help this to shed size for storage and keep whatever is under the Firepit safe, such as a patio.  Stainless steel was used in the construction of this dish, giving great resistance to wear such as rust and corrosion.  It weighs in under 11 ounces and measures 7″ x 3.125″.

UCO Portable FirePit | Call for fire

While a few of the possible scenarios imaginable provide little incentive to using a metal shield over constructing a dirt-and-rock pit, there is one that stands out with ease.  Fill a gallon ziploc back with charcoal briquettes, place the bag inside the Firepit XL and close it up.  When you get to the beach, woods or wherever you need some brauts sizzled up, pair the Firepit with the Grilliput (or similar portable grill surface).  The Firepit keeps ash contained and as mentioned above, reflects heat very well which will aid in cooking.

When I headed out for a day at the range, I took the Portable Firepit with me to test out.  Having just come out of an extended dry spell and heat wave, I had to keep my fire small.  The wind was ripping through the valley, so I half collapsed the Firepit to act as a wind barrier, letting the small flames take hold quickly.  I enjoyed my fire for a bit, then used the edge of my boot to gently flip the firepit over into the dirt.  The flames were neatly smothered and with a splash of water, doused.  The Firepit took a couple of minutes to cool and the vast majority of the post-fire debris brushed right off.  Easy.

Bottom line, the Firepit by itself can be a safe, convenient way to make a burn location on the move.  When paired with a portable grill, the Firepit could be an essential addition to your tote of camping gear.  This retails for $14.99…  Check it out!