You may or may not be familiar with Tyron Woodley, but you may have seen or heard his name in the media recently. Tyron Woodley is the current Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) welterweight champion slated to defend his title in the upcoming UFC 228 pay-per-view event (Sat, Sept. 8) against the ranked #2 welterweight, Darren Till. Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans know him for his striking speed and tremendous knockout power as well as his accomplished amateur wrestling background; Woodley was a Big 12 Conference Champion as well as a two-time NCAA Division I All-American while wrestling at the University of Missouri. “The Chosen One” has made a name for himself by winning title fights against some of the UFC’s highest-level fighters to include Demian Maia, Stephen Thompson, and Robbie Lawler. His accomplishments in the cage speak for themselves, but Tyron Woodley is also many other things outside of the octagon, including an avid shooter.

Tyron Woodley

I’m training hard, I’m always going, [shooting guns] this is my only real hobby, so it’s my one release where I can get away from everybody.
-Tyron Woodley, UFC Welterweight Champion

As Woodley describes himself, he is more than a fighter, he is a father, entrepreneur, business owner, actor, analyst, and stunt performer. With the busy life he has, he claims firearms and target shooting is his only real hobby. Much like many of our readers here at The Loadout Room, Woodley seems to have fun and also finds a certain “release” while spending time on the range. In the video below, we catch a small glimpse into Tyron Woodley’s personality as he partners with SilencerCo and campaigns for #FightTheNoise.

Fight the Noise is a movement to regain our Voice. To exercise our right to protect our hearing and silence the sound. To be responsible gun owners and be treated as such. We want law­ abiding citizens to have the ability to purchase and own silencers without being subjected to excessive wait times, paperwork, and taxes. We are the silent majority, and it is our time to be heard. We are your Friends. We are your Coworkers. We are The Suppressed.

You can follow Tyron Woodley on social media or keep up on him all week as there will be plenty of media scrums until Saturday’s main event. You can also learn more about #FightTheNoise by visiting their official website.

All photos courtesy of SilencerCo YouTube Channel