Earlier we gave you a first look at the new Jard J68 in 9mm.  Since then a few things have come to light that you should know before watching the video below.  Jard Inc makes nearly everything in house, including their barrels.  The exterior design was inspired by the need for a true “truck gun” that was not only handy enough to stash in the truck, but also tough enough for when that stashing is more of a tossing.  We’ve also learned how the trigger is more like a bolt-gun’s than the scooping of Play-dough that most bullpups offer.  We can’t give that secret away, but keep in mind that Jard’s main products are triggers for AK’s, AR’s, and a variety of bolt guns.  (more on that coming soon)

Before going any deeper you need to see the J68 in action:

Ultimate Bullpup? The Jard J68 Pistol-Caliber Carbine
50 Yard Group of 10 shots with Hornady Ammunition as shown with the Caldwell Target Camera

Having seen that, the next amazement is not likely to last long: MSRP of only $899.95.  We’ve shot a handful of 9mm carbines that cost less, but none that match the J68 in reliability or accuracy.  Combine that with an overall length of just over 26″ and you’ve got yourself one handy little carbine!  Looking at the guts of the J68 it’s easy to appreciate the brilliant simplicity that enables this gun to run fine with rounds as light as 65gr or as heavy as 147gr subsonics, and spit them out without prejudice.

While some may have called the J68 an ugly duckling, it turned into a true swan on the range.  To see more about the Jard J68 either read the original article here, or watch the tabletop portion below.