Courtesy of Tactical Life

“Everything is bigger in Texas,” and we’ve got a road trip mapped out for you that echoes that sentiment.

While the Dallas, Texas, area offers a lot in terms of food and fun, I recently traveled there specifically to visit the American Sportsman Shooting Center (ASSC). Located in the suburb of Grapevine, the ASSC offers a unique shooting and training experience. Owned by Aimpoint, the ASSC is the country’s only full-sized, live-fire “cinema range”—patterned off the shooting “cinemas” found throughout Europe. Located five minutes from DFW airport, the center offers three specific training ranges. My hosts, Shane Johnson and Jennifer Steele, are very knowledgeable, excellent instructors.

The first range is a 100-yard, single- firing-point tunnel that is used to zero rifles and evaluate ammunition. The tunnel, like the live-fire range, is rated for calibers up to .50 BMG. One of the unique features is an acoustic-based video system that plots each bullet strike on a computer monitor. This negates the need for posting or retrieving paper targets. The system provides immediate feedback and maximizes the customer’s shooting time.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life