Same goes for backpackers and business professional who travel. Whether it be a short trip, a long journey and even if traveling forever. Packing ultralight is the key factor and this is the method :

The Backpack

Intentionally purchase a small bag in the 20 – 35 liter range. Most go for a 50 – 75 liter which is unnecessary even for multiple year travels. I personally have a 15 liter bag and its perfect for my lifestyle.

The Gear

Only after choosing a small backpack, start getting your gear together. This is because you should only pack what can fit in this bag. That’s the idea, to force you to pack only the necessities.

The Packing

Compartmentalize all the different types of gear into small bags and sacks as shown in the photo. This will allow you to pack more into a smaller backpack with less bulk, more efficiency and structural stability.

Packing ultralight gear for travel may seem trivial and most travelers think of it as an after thought when its actually vital to the experience and function while vagabonding.

Article and Photo Courtesy of Vinjabond and written by John Cain

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