I’ve been working out with the Uncommon Weight Vest for a little over a month now. I commonly workout 5 times a week with Wednesdays and Sundays off. I’ve used the Uncommon weight vest for 3 out of my 5 workouts. It has absolutely broken me down in workouts I used to find ‘moderately’ difficult. I lost some reps when I added weight, my heart pumped harder, and I lost my breath a lot quicker. I hit the deck for the last month to brutalize myself and to give you the best Uncommon Weight Vest review I could.

Using the Uncommon Weight Vest

Then things started to change with that extra twenty pounds of weight. I started getting stronger or it started getting lighter. I’ve said before I’m a big fan of high intensity bodyweight workouts. For these workouts the Uncommon Weight vest is absolutely perfect. I’ve also used the vest alongside my Dry Fire Fit cards to make the drills harder. What kind of workouts absolutely gassed me? Here is one example of a simple workout.

30 Seconds Punching Bag
10 Pushups
10 Squats

Uncommon Weight Vest Review - Pain and Gain
I am Up!

Do these three exercises for five minutes continuously without stopping for five minutes. Once the 5 minutes is up take a 60-second break. After your 60 second break, it’s time for round 2. Set the clock for 5 minutes again.

10 Alternating Tire slams with Onnit Mace
10 ‘Box’ jumps on tire holding Mace
50 Yard sprint.

Take a minute break and hit the final round with one final 5 minute round

Uncommon Weight Vest Review - Pain and Gain
and I am down

10 Deadlifts (Moderate weight with perfect form)
3 Burpees
20 Second Planks

Work outs like this were absolutely brutal when I began using the Uncommon Weight vest and two plates for a total of 20 pounds. Now, a month later I’m not completely dead after doing these workouts. I’m only a little dead after a month of reviewing the Uncommon Weight Vest.


The Uncommon Weight Vest In Practice

So as you can see my weight vest and I go through some decently dynamic workouts. It’s lots of running, and jumping, and up and down movement. This is where the Uncommon weight vest shines. When worn correctly it doesn’t bounce a whole lot. It shifts here and there, but it won’t chafe the body from moving.

Uncommon Weight Vest Review - Pain and Gain
The Separate pockets divide the plates

It, more importantly, won’t come up and hit you in the face when jumping. This is an issue I used to have when working out with an older weight vest and it was pretty painful. The internal soft mesh material on the inside of the vest is very comfortable against the skin, and again it doesn’t chafe as it rubs.

It’s also well suited for humping. By humping, I, of course, mean hiking or rucking. This vest situates the weight on the body in a more comfortable way than a pack. It makes a simple cool down walk just a little harder as well. One of my favorite workouts is sprint/walk/sprint and this vest makes it more like sprint/walk/walk/sprint.

Uncommon Weight Vest Review - Pain and Gain
40 Pounds sucks

The Tactical Athlete

This weight vest is perfect for the concept of the tactical athlete. The tactical athlete concept being embraced by both the Army and the Marine Corps. The Uncommon Weight Vest works in place of a plate carrier. The benefits are that you aren’t risking damaging your gear and you aren’t going to damage your plates. If you’re rocking SAPI plates there can suffer from small fractures when being banged around which can compromise their strength.

The Tactical Athlete concept is an interesting idea that is designed around real world function. The Uncommon Weight Vest is an excellent alternative to using an actual plate carrier and plates. Plus you can load it up to 40 pounds worth of weight. That will over shoot most plate carrier’s weight, even when fully loaded with ammo. If you are planning to train like you fight you’ll need at least the weight of your plate carrier on you.

Uncommon Weight Vest Review - Pain and Gain

What’s Next?

The next step in my continued relationship with the Uncommon Weight vest is to add another ten-pound plate. Like any other piece of equipment, it has to get harder for me to get stronger. ‘Hard times make Hard people,’ is the Company’s moto. The whole reason I will keep training with this vest is simple, I believe it’s effective.

Throughout my Uncommon Weight Vest review, I’ve found it to be well made, and very comfortable. More importantly, it’s made me stronger. Without the vest push ups feel so much easier, almost like I’m lifting nothing, burpees without the vest? Ha too easy. (I didn’t mean that burpees, I still hate you.) The Uncommon Weight vest makes me feel the pain of a workout in an oh so sweet way. Want some pain? Check out https://www.uncommon-breed.com/