Kevin Pratt’s goal at Invictus Practical is to design the best performing, most versatile, and highest-quality competition kit available at any price – period. His new Holster Hangers are all that. They are a brilliant interface which allows you combine any holster with any mounting system at widely adjustable angle and cant. If circumstances or mission change, it can quickly be adjusted to a new configuration.

I am a huge fan of the Safariland family of holsters and gear, particularly the ALS holsters.

They are real and practical duty gear while being fast enough to use in 3-gun competition. They also make several locking systems: MLS, QLS and ELS. (Note to Safariland Marketing: Your naming conventions are confusing, everything sounds alike. Hire a guy to come up with better names.) There are a bunch of other fine holsters and mounting systems out there, like Uncle Mike’s, Bladetech and BlackHawk. By chance and design, these systems don’t interchange. Now with one hanger to unite them all, you can use whatever you have and mount it on whatever you want.

There are two lengths, long and short.

HH-L $34.50
Drops most holster bodies between approx. 2.25″ – 3.5″ from belt attachment
Integral offset of approx. 0.5″ – 0.75″ (depending on holster position)

HH-S $34.50
Drops most holster bodies between approx. 1.5″ – 2.75″ from belt attachment
Integral offset of approx. 0.5″ – 1.0″ (depending on holster position)

They are extremely well made using 6061-T6 hard-anodized aluminum and 18-8 Stainless hardware. They include the Mod_HP-x Holster Hanger Extended Offset Kit.

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The Invictus Practical holster hanger works with any belt, but it is ideally suited for the Safariland ELS modular system. In addition to adaptability, you get a lower profile and use less space on the belt.

Like the left most image below, I have rigged my holster hanger for use on my Safariland ELS belt. I put an ELS locking fork at the top and a QLS holster reciever plate at the bottom. Now, I can clip my holster into any ELS receiver plate on my belt to go right or left handed ( I practice and sometimes demonstrate with my support hand). I have put QLS locking forks on all my holsters so I can go from Glock to 1911 to M&P in seconds.

Holster Hanger Configurations

There is nothing like the feeling of confidence when you gear is exactly where you want it. Efficiency promotes competence. Highly recommended for 3-gun and service use.

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