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In discussing an inner tube as a knife mount, I expressed concern that I might just pull the entire knife out — including sheath.

One of you recommended cording the sheath to myself (belt loop, big safety pin, whatever) in case it happened. I did this immediately on my live Clinch Pick.

Last weekend I had an opportunity to test it out, but I decided to run without a cord. I wanted to see how bad things would be with just the inner tube.

Saturday was force on force with QSI Training. I used my Clinch Pick a few times, but never under the type of scenario I was concerned about. I used it one while grounded against a grounded attacker (we were both wounded, long story, had to be there), and it deployed easily. I also drew it pre-emptively several times, which meant I could be more mindful of the draw and it was unopposed.

Failures: 0/6

The She Shepherd and I attended our monthly Shivworks practice session the next day. We were doing some in-fight weapon access drills, and I was able to draw my Clinch Pick a lot.

I didn’t have time to keep track (too busy getting worked over), but I’d estimate 30 draws. Most of the time I drew from a clearly dominant position. This made it easier to be mindful and technical.

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