The Glock 19 may be one of the most popular carry pistols in the world. It’s capacity, reliability, dimensions and cost are all contributing factors that make the Glock 19 so popular. It remains my choice to carry 75% of the time as well. Splitting duties with my Glock 43 when I need deeper concealment. While there are many aftermarket parts that claim to improve the functionality or accuracy of this already excellent piece. The barrel, sights and trigger are the first I typically address. Shadow Systems, an American company heavily laden with military leadership and employees, produces high quality match barrels, Glock accessories in addition to complete modified Glock pistols.

Upgrading the Glock 19: Shadow Systems Match Barrel

Shadow Systems was kind enough to send me one of their Match Barrels for the Glock 19. Additionally, this beautiful barrel is fluted, threaded and coated in that sexy gold Titanium Nitride (TiN). These barrels are an easy upgrade as they just drop in like the factory barrel. Because this is a threaded barrel, it comes with the advantage of measuring an additional 11mm over the stock barrel. My first assumption with the additional length would be additional weight. But a quick measurement with my postal scale shows 104g. Oddly, the shorter original Glock barrel also weighs exactly 104g too. Obviously, the strategic sculpting of material and fluting of the barrel is what offset the additional length of the match barrel.

Glock barrel: 102mm, 104g | Shadow Systems barrel: 113mm, 104g

Staying true to their roots, Shadow Systems match barrels and are designed and manufactured here in America. Precision machined and engineered from U.S. sourced 416R Stainless Steel, the match barrel fits tighter in the critical lock-up areas than the original barrel further enhancing accuracy. I recently had a chance to get out to my range to shoot this barrel. First, I took a magazine worth of slow aimed shots with the factory barrel to see what the pattern looked like at 10 meters. Followed by a magazine with the match barrel from the same distance, same Team Never Quit 100 Gr Frangible 9mm training ammunition.

Warming up both barrels before the test

Match Barrel specs courtesy of

  • Glock 19 Compatible (all generations)
  • 416R Stainless Steel, 1/10″ Broach Cut Rifling
  • TiN (Titanium Nitride) Finish
  • 1/2X28 Threaded
  • Thread Protector Included 
  • Made in the USA
  • MSRP $249  Sale $219.45

Although the results are fairly clear to see, this was in no way a scientific measure of accuracy. But since no one realistically fires their carry pistol from a pistol vice, it does show what results you can expect as a practical shooter. One thing I would love to add to my carry G19 is one of Shadow Systems custom slides. Take a look at the Shadow Systems website for all of your Glock related parts.