After upgrading several components on my Glock 19, like the barrel, slide and trigger, I decided to finish the project by customizing the polymer frame. With so many companies offering to chop up and stipple your Glock frame, I was a little overwhelmed by my initial search results. Not knowing the quality of the work or turn around time for most of these companies, I did what any Ranger would do. Reach out to his brothers to see if anyone from Regiment does this for a living. Or even on the side. Because there is one thing fellow Rangers do for one another. And that’s take care of each other. Jordan Hicks and his younger brother Payton started TAC Solutions LLC (The Arms Cache) and offered to modify my Glock 19 Gen 4 frame.

Jordan served in Alpha Company 1/75 for 6 years and participated in 5 combat deployments in support of OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom). He now attends college in Colorado in pursuit of a Criminal Justice degree. He and his brother Payton started TAC Solutions to fill a void for such a shop in their hometown. Currently offering polymer framework, they plan to offer Cerakote, laser engraving, slide milling and PVD coatings as their young company continues to thrive. Additionally, they offer a military/first responder discount. Just another way to keep taking care of those who take care of this country.

With a short turn around time and very reasonable pricing, I shipped my pistol frame to TAC Solutions in Colorado. I requested that the finger grooves be reduced, trigger guard lightened up, some type of ledge for my left thumb and a stipple job that wouldn’t snag on my shirt when carrying concealed. And they delivered in spades.

TAC Solutions
Accelerator pedal

The ledge, or “accelerator pedal” that is located forward of the takedown lever is one of my favorite features. This abrupt angle allows the thumb on my supporting hand to apply downward pressure on the front of the pistol. Helping to reduce muzzle rise and get back on target quicker. The factory frames are quite slippery in this region, that’s why I like the ledge so much. The guys at TAC Solutions also took creative license on the trigger guard. Reducing the blocky and bulky factory guard, I can now easily fit a gloved finger in the trigger well. The aggressive undercuts also allow both hands to grab a higher purchase on the pistol.

TAC Solutions
Trigger guard reduction

The grip was first massaged by completely reducing the finger grooves. This is a popular modification as the grooves were an unwelcome addition to the Glock line-up by many shooters. They never really bothered me…until I shot a modified Glock that had them removed. I then realized how much more comfortable the pistol felt. So off they came on my Glock 19. Additionally, the stipple pattern needed to be concealment friendly as this is my carry piece for half the year. Some patterns are more abrasive and will snag on your shirt material. Which not only “prints” the gun, but lengthens the draw process. The pattern TAC Solutions used was a perfect mix of grip traction without snagging on clothing. And they masterfully outlined the break between the areas stippled creating a very professional look. Great work guys!

TAC Solutions
Concealment friendly stippling and outline

So if you want a custom frame job on your polymer framed pistol, look no further than TAC Solutions LLC. Here’s the catch though. They still need to build a website so the best way to contact them is directly via email ([email protected]) or Instagram. As far as their work is concerned? You have my personal and the Loadout Room seal of approval. Attention to detail, Veteran owned and operated, price and turn around time were all leading factors in picking TAC Solutions. Plus, these guys were able to forward progress pictures allowing me to adjust fire on the fly.

TAC Solutions
Glock 19 complete!

Images courtesy of the author.

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