The Sneak and Peek kit is based on a kit we used in my old unit during reconnaissance missions or while setting a sniper hide on an urban environment. That kit also included demo cord and some other things that can’t be used by civilians, but the basic tools are all covered in this current kit.

Urban Preparedness: The sneak and peek entry kit

I carry all inside a GORUCK Radio Ruck Field Pocket. The kit includes tools that would allow me to sneak into places by opening doors, cutting fences, twisting wire, etc. It also serves and an impromptu (albeit not fully stocked) SERE kit. The basic items include:

The Go Tubes contain the small gear I carry, including gear from the SERE Kit and it includes:

  • A can opener
  • 2 Handcuff Keys
  • 1 14 mm Compass
  • 1 Folding Razor Saw
  • 1 Handcuff Shim
  • 1 Cord Lock with handcuff key
  • 1 Ceramic Razor Blade
  • 1 magnetic key entry tool
  • 1 pair of SerePick Bogota “Titan” Entry Toolset
  • 1 mini pry bar

Overall, all these tools work together very nicely. I might add stuff from time to time based on what I need but this is the base.


*Featured image courtesy of The Capabilities Group