While there are already plenty of supplements on the market aimed at giving you a boost of energy to get your workout started, I approached the problem from a slightly different standpoint: I’m not a gel-haired bro looking for an edge before I get my pump on (though I could be accused of that from time to time)… Instead, I’m an exhausted dad just trying to find the strength I need to keep my eyes open between sets on the bench.

Real life fitness doesn’t often have much in common with the aesthetically pleasing, bright eyed and motivated fitness models we see in the advertisements. For most of us humans, our body fat percentage is just one of a hundred daily stressors vying for our attention, and as bummed as we may get when our fitness game falters, we often have no choice but to prioritize real-life responsibilities over the hour of daily self-hazing it takes to keep our love handles from turning into full on luggage. So, when you can steal some time away from work, family responsibilities, and social obligations, you’ve got to get your proverbial money’s worth… even when you’d much rather be napping.

I’ve been a fan of Strike Force Energy ever since they hooked me up with a pack during my time covering Petit Le Mans for NEWSREP, but it’s only been recently that I’ve started using it as a regular part of my pre-workout ritual.

Aside from the kick in the pants Strike Force Energy gives you in the form of caffeine, it also boasts 100% of your daily Vitamin B6 and B12, so you can use all that extra energy it gives you to skip your Flintsones Chewables for the day.

And a special thanks to Leatherneck For Life for providing the awesome “Sons on Tun” cup shown in this video!