With a lot of focus on firearm-mounted tactical lights used by the military and law enforcement communities around the country, little attention has been given to the employment of a tactical light by law-abiding, yet largely untrained civilian gun bearers.

If you have a tactical light mounted to any of your firearms, you’re aware of the huge advantage to and increase in shooting ability this convenient, pointable, accessible illumination device gives you in the dark. Both hands can work to efficiently run the gun, and an ergonomically placed switch turns the tactical light on and off without breaking your firing grip. It sure makes hits easy, even in complete darkness.

(courtesy of gunsandammo.com)

(courtesy of gunsandammo.com)

As a former Special Operations soldier, I was fortunate to receive world-class instruction in the proper use of tactical lights and lasers as well as run around the battlefield for many years with them hanging from the rails of my carbines and pistols. I feel completely comfortable drawing a pistol with a tactical light and presenting a carbine with a tactical light on a target, but how can an untrained or inexperienced civilian entering into the world of fighting at night deal with this situation?

Reality Check: Pointing a Tactical Light Means Pointing Guns

How would you feel if every law officer conducted his searches or motor vehicle stops with his pistol-mounted light? As a civilian defending your household, are you ready to point your pistol at a noise you hear in the night? What if that noise is a family member getting a drink of water? Whether you are a civilian or a law enforcement officer, it is not an acceptable practice to point a gun at someone simply because your tactical light is attached to it.

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(Featured image courtesy of gunsandammo.com)