The V-TAB or Vertical Tactical Adjustable Buttstock from Fast Acquisition is a design concept to help the rifle shooter obtain a proper cheek weld when shooting.  I’m surprised somebody hasn’t thought to build this product already!

When working with newer rifle shooters on the AR-15 style platform that have some experience on hunting style rifles, they often struggle with placement of the buttstock.  Down in the pocket of the arm isn’t always the best place for that beautiful black rifle.  With the V-TAB from Fast Acquisition, that new (or stubborn seasoned shooter) will be obtaining a proper cheek weld and placing the stock in the pocket for shooting due to its quick vertical adjustments.

The V-TAB M in the up for prone or bench rest shooting position

The V-TAB adjusts vertically in seconds with no tools.  Once installed using the original or aftermarket buttpad, you are able to adjust up and down in seven different positions to accommodate standing, kneeling, benchrest, or prone stances and have the best sight to eye alignment possible.  Click here to watch a video of the V-TAB in use.

The VTAB is machined from tough Delrin adding hardly any weight (6.7 oz.) to your build and increases the length of your buttpad by only 1.5″.

If you’re looking to bring accuracy to the next level of your black rifle build, you should consider adding the V-TAB from Fast Acquisition and “bring the gun-sight to your eye, not your eye to the gunsight.”

The V-TAB M in the center configuration adds minimal weight and length but maximum adjustment

The V-TAB fits on Magpul MOE 310 + 400, CTR, STR, ACS, ACS-L UBR and they are working on new designs everyday to add to the line up. Model shown is the V-TAB-M with an MSRP of $69.95, click here to buy now.