Vagabonding is a minimalistic lifestyle.

Living and traveling the world effectively with just the contents of our backpacks. Carrying, buying and using just what we need with complete satisfaction and elegant efficiency.

Minimal + Mobile = Vagabond

Living a minimalist life may mean less “things”, frugality and active moderation but its actually a way to get more out of life…

…particularly while vagabonding.

The purpose of a minimalistic lifestyle is simply to live with less or specifically what’s needed without losing out on what “normal” life has to offer. As a vagabond living out of a backpack traveling the world, minimalism is not only second nature but a necessity.

A minimal life can equal a mosaic life through vagabonding.

The concept of vagabonding is to constantly travel from one place to another as a means to explore – as a lifestyle. As this goes hand in hand with a minimal lifestyle, the natural merge makes the experience and rewards for each method incomparable to anything else.

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