As an experienced world traveling vagabond and a zombie film / comic / video game / TV aficionado, that may very well make me a potentially thriving survivor for when this apocalypse does happen.

Vagabonds Are Mobile And Mimimalists

In many zombie movies, the survivors all carry a backpack holding their only possessions but living efficiently with next to nothing.

This is logical in any apocalypse but the fact remains that vagabonds and backpackers are experts and masters of “living out of a backpack” due to experience and expected (and unexpected) circumstances.

But this is particularly true in a zombie invasion as you have to constantly move around, like a backpacker.

In a zombie apocalypse, supplies will be scarce and everyone will have will be forced to live with only the absolute essentials with no luxuries. Basically, a minimalist. Or simply, a vagabond.

Vagabonds Can Explore And Sleep Anywhere

It takes most freshman backpackers and starting world travelers a bit of getting used to but once you start “living” and sleeping in cramped hostels, grimy guesthouses, strangers’ couches couchsurfing, beautiful beaches or anywhere with a roof.

The term “vagabond” was originally used as “drifter” which is exactly what you’ll have to be with a zombie apocalypse – traveling and finding a new place call “home” all the time, this is vagabonding.

A vagabond’s purpose is to explore and dwell anywhere. Which is what everyone will need to get used to with the oncoming zombie apocalypse.

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