I received the Vanquest messenger bag from one of our writers to review. This isn’t a bag that I would normally purchase because I already have a few messenger bags. For me messenger bags are great for daily carry to work or for leisure use but not really something I’d take to the gun range. I prefer instead to use a square range bag. My reasoning for this is not all gun ranges are set up the same way and I prefer a bag that will sit upright and not fall over. Some lanes let you use a cart to settle your gun bag on or it can be placed along a back wall. My preference is to keep all of my gear within my eyesight and not leaning against a tree or chair behind me.

Upon receiving the bag I wasn’t sure what to think. The Envoy had so much ‘going on’ for it that I was nearly overwhelmed. I could instantly tell the designers put a lot of forethought into making a good bag. They created something burly, stylish and practical. Truly a good bag with durable construction and nice compartmentalization in the overall design. It can take a beating.

I sat and stared at all of the zippered pockets, felt the sturdy material and instantly thought about the 2017 Shot show, two weeks away, and how I could put this bag to use for single or multi-day travel and beyond. It could easily hold a laptop, a Nalgene water bottle, pens, my hoody and nutrition bars. It was definitely made with Everyday Carry in Mind (EDC). I’ll tell you right now this bag is of the highest quality. There is a lot to like about it and it’s one of my favorite bags. This thing is ultra portable and relatively waterproof. You can really cinch down the top flap to keep light rain out.

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