In a previous article I reviewed the new Vanquest FATPpack 4X6 Generation 2 pouch. Since that initial review I have been carrying the FATPack daily inside my backpack. After playing around with arranging the contents I have come up with a final configuration.

The contents of my Vanquest FATPack trauma kit contain only what I’m comfortable using on myself and someone else. If I’m not trained on a certain piece of equipment, then it doesn’t go in my kit. By keeping the contents simple and basic allow me to deploy and use them quicker under stress. Also if someone else needs to use my kit in the event I’m injured or not around, the contents are basic enough for most to figure out.

In a previous article I discussed the 4 most important items to have in your trauma kit. You can read that article HERE.

Lets take a closer look now at how I’ve packed my Vanquest FATPack 4X6 Generation 2 pouch.

You can purchase the Vanquest FATPack directly from Vanquest HERE for only $29.99.