As time goes on and your skills and training evolve, so will your gear. Spending your hard-earned cash on training should always take priority over spending it on the latest piece of gear on the market, especially when it comes to medical. I’d even go as far to say medical training should come before firearms training (I’m sure I’ll catch some flak for that statement). Take a moment though and think about that. Chances are much higher that you will need to use medical skills before having to draw your weapon on somebody. I’m not just talking about active shooter situations either. You never know when you may witness a car accident and have to render aid until paramedics arrive on scene. What if you’re out on a hike and somebody falls and gets injured. If anything at the very least get Red Cross certified on CPR and First Aid. I digress….

I always have a medical kit within arms reach. I have one in my car, I have one in my everyday bag and I carry a tourniquet in my back pocket. It’s all about layering so you’re prepared no matter what. The kit I’ve been carrying in my bag is a bit on the larger side, but not too bad considering I only carry the essentials. However, I’m thinking of changing the style bag I use on a daily basis, which has a ripple effect on some of the other gear I carry, namely the trauma kit. I want to scale down the size of my trauma kit without compromising on the essentials that I carry inside of it.

I recently acquired a Vanquest FATPack (First Aid Trauma Pack) 4X6 (Gen-2). At first glance I was a little sceptical about the size, but once I opened the pouch up the wheels started turning in my head.

The outside of the FATPack has loops on either side to accomodate a tourniquet. If you wanted you could also use the loops on the centerline to attack a third touriquet. Having the option to attach three tourniquets to the outside is pretty freakin outstanding.

Vanquest FATPack 4X6 First Aid Trauma Pack | First Impressions
CAT Tourniquet mounted to the side.

There is a pull handle on the outside (marked with red velcro) that when pulled down, exposes the contents of the interior of the pouch.

Vanquest FATPack 4X6 First Aid Trauma Pack | First Impressions
Pull tab marked with red.

Once the pouch is open, it lays out flat giving you quick and easy access to all the contents (similar to a clam shell opening backpack).

Inside the main section the pockets are made from a high vis orange color allowing you to identify contents quicker and easier.

Vanquest FATPack 4X6 First Aid Trauma Pack | First Impressions
Interior Layout

The center two slip pockets can be used for a variety of medical supplies such as SWAT-T tourniquets, Quik Clot gauze, chest seals or small first aid/boo boo kit. On either side of the center slip pockets you have small more narrow slip pockets. Again you’re only limited by your imagination here depending on how you want to run your kit.

Vanquest FATPack 4X6 First Aid Trauma Pack | First Impressions
Interior slip pockets

Sewn into the outside of the slip pockets are elastic loops for securing other items. Not sure what I’m going to use those for yet.

The bottom portion of the pouch is the inside of the lid you pulled open. The inside of this is lined with shock cord, giving you the ability to secure another tourniquet, pressure dressing, compressed gauze or possibly chem lights.

Vanquest FATPack 4X6 First Aid Trauma Pack | First Impressions
Shock cord for additional attachment of medical items

Available direct from Vanquest for only $29.99. For that price you really can’t go wrong from what I’ve seen so far.

Features/Specifications/Materials (courtesy of Vanquest)

● Net Weight: 4.2 oz | 119 grams
● Size: 6″ (H) x 4.5″ (W) x 3″ (D)
● Four internal storage pockets with three elastic webbing slots
● User-configurable storage ladder with shock cord retention
● Grab handle instantly opens FATPack with one downward pull, giving full access.
● 2” (H) x 3” (W) ID/Blood type loop patch panel on front
● MOLLE/PALS webbing on sides and rear for modular attachment
● Compatible with MOLLE Sticks and MOHL Adapter Panel for loop panel attachment
● 1,000-D Military grade Cordura® fabric with water-repellent Teflon® fabric protector by DuPont®
● Hi-visibility, lightweight & water-resistant 210-D Ripstop nylon interior.
● Durable RC-Class YKK® #8 zippers, reversed for protection.
● Circular user-friendly zipper paracord loops
● High tensile strength nylon webbings and binding tapes
● Finished with high tensile strength bonded nylon thread