For a while now, I’ve kept a backpack in the back of my Jeep in case I came across somebody in need of help or assistance, or for some reason, I had to leave my vehicle, I was prepared. I also carried a medical kit inside the backpack as well as inside my center console for quick access. I’m a minimalist when it comes to gear, packing and traveling so I’ve always got my eye out for new improved gear for just that reason. Last month I took a quick look at the Fieldcraft Survival GO-LITE Panel Pack. It allows you to have quick access to emergency items strapped to the rear of one of your vehicle’s front seats. They take it a step further though and give you the ability to transform the panel into a backpack/go bag in the event you need to leave your vehicle and go on foot. I was able to get my hands on one of these new Panel Packs and replace my traditional emergency pack. Let’s take a look at how I have it loaded out and mounted inside my Jeep.

From Fieldcraft Survival:

The EDM GO-LITE Panel/Pack is a velcro and molle panel that straps easily to the back of your seat to allow for modular carry of accessories and equipment. You can quickly remove and adhere medical/survival gear for immediate action in the event of an emergency. The panel pack then quickly transforms into a Go-Bag with the removal of the top and bottom straps. This Patent Pending minimalist go bag/panel comes in Black Multicam with Black Accents. The EDM Go-Lite is MADE IN THE USA and guaranteed the highest quality textile on the market. Two small and one large general purpose pouches in black Multicam included. Clear Vinyl pouch sold separately. This bag is built mil-spec for durability and longevity in the field with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY!!! 

A limited number of orders will ship with Multicam Black, but the one I received is in the standard Multicam pattern.

Items shown in my loadout:


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