When staying at motels and renting out multiple rooms my team use to have a night time watch to look for any activity around our area. When comms were not an option or things just got hectic fast, all of us would activate the car alarms. It’s good way of alerting everyone around the area that things where going down.

We would sleep with clothes and keys on ourselves. We also dummy corded backpacks and firearms. Our rooms where usually spread out and escape exits mapped before we went to bed.

Interesting tactic you can apply when traveling as a group.

Author – Ed is a security specialist and combatives instructor with over 10 years experience in public safety along the northern border area of Mexico. He runs seminars and private training specific to anti-abduction, escapology, free hand and unconventional edged weapons work. He is also director of Libre Fighting Systems in Mexico.

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Photos courtesy of edpoint.tumblr.com