When considering the dangers associated with your average principal, the most significant threats are most probable to manifest themselves while in transit. Additionally, if you were to research incidents on protected individuals, you will find the majority of attacks occur in or within close proximity to their vehicle. This being the case, vehicle security is paramount and should be heavily reflected in your training hours, research, protective intelligence, etc.

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In order to justify the case further and use published statistics, let’s consider the most commonly ambushed demographic on US soil, our Law Enforcement. The DOJ, FBI and IACP provide data on violent ambushes on law enforcement officers, in which the average encounter lasts about three seconds. However, the average response to the threat is over five seconds. Keep in mind this is the average response of trained law enforcement officers. As you may be able to conclude, the rest of us who are limited by having to pay out of pocket for training should spend our time and training dollars effectively in order to be more prepared for such a probable attack methodology.

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So the next question is, “How can we train in order to reduce that reactionary gap?” By training awareness, and more appropriately how to be awarewhat to be aware of and the need to avoid complacency. To that end, in our training programs, we cover topics such as Behavioral Analysis, Human Factors and Counter-Surveillance. These topics are a critical component to employing awareness and proactive measures to reduce these risks and reduce reaction time. We discuss things such as identifying armed individuals through body language and clothing indicators as well as “Pre-Attack” indicators, like assaultive body language, biometrics and kinesics. Knowing these can make the difference of a two second reaction time, to a 3 second reaction time which will keep you off of the ‘X’ and ensure you and your principal go home that night.

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